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  • Revision:1999 Edition, 1999
  • Published Date:January 1999
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  • Published By:Inst. of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)
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  • There are numerous procedures available for countingmacroparticles. Since different procedures may not respond to thesame particle size parameter(s), the data produced by a givenprocedure may not correlate with data from another procedure.Therefore, a variety of methods will be discussed herein.

    Two general categories of macroparticle measurement operationsare considered:

    a) Collection by filtration or inertial effects, followed bymicroscopic measurement of the number and size, or measurement ofthe mass of collected particles.

    b) In-situ measurement of the concentration and size ofmacroparticles with a time-of-flight particle counter or adiscrete-particle counter.

    The importance of proper sample acquisition and handling inorder to minimize losses of macroparticles in the sample handlingoperations is emphasized. Procedures are provided for calculatingmacroparticle losses when ideal sample handling procedures cannotbe accomplished.